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Bank Foreign Currency Exchange Rates Today – 4 February 2020

Here are the foreign currency exchange rates for the US$, ZW$ and Rand on the interbank and black market…

Interbank rate

USD to ZWL$: 17.4173
ZWL$ to RAND: 0.8512

Data according to the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe

Black Market rates

USD / ZWL$ zimrates.com24.7
USD / ZWL$ zwl365.com24.5
USD / ZWL$ bluemari.info24.5
USD / BOND zimrates.com19.2

Source: Marketwatch

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2 thoughts on “Bank Foreign Currency Exchange Rates Today – 4 February 2020

  1. Only the politicians use the bank rate because they can purchase US dollars from reserve bank and sell them on the black market to get more money which they will use to buy more US dollars. They are the ones running the black market. Talk of corruption at it’s best.

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