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Chicken Hut Launches WhatsApp-Based Diaspora Food Service

Chicken Hut recently launched a new service allowing people in the diaspora to order food for their friends and relatives back home via WhatsApp.

Customers outside the country can order their food using 6 payment services including Visa and Mastercard by simply following steps outlined on the Chicken Hut website:

  • Initiate your order by sending a message to the Chicken Hut’s WhatsApp number (+27657067944)
  • Select your order from the menu
  • Provide the delivery address, contact name and your email address
  • Receive payment link via email
  • After payment is received, the order is processed and delivered

We have just launched a diaspora food delivery service, which enables people in the diaspora to order food on their WhatsApp platform and within 45 minutes, the food would have been delivered to their loved ones in Zimbabwe where Chicken Hut has a branch.

Florence Mudzingwa – Chicken Hut Head of Digital Marketing

The service was inspired by companies such as Uber and Airbnb – both huge companies relying on the internet and technology to increase their global reach.

At the time of writing the Food Delivery Service will be available in Harare, Gweru and Kwekwe – the only locations where Chicken Hut is present. Chicken Hut recently announced that they will open more branches in Bulawayo, Victoria Falls, Masvingo and Zvishavane and when these branches open the Food Delivery Service will then be availed to all those cities and towns.

The Food Delivery Service by Chicken Hut seems logical for a number of reasons. Whilst disposable income isn’t easily available for many local households, diasporan family and friends will have enough disposable income to buy meals food for people back home.

For Chicken Hut as a business, this is also a way to avoid the economic chaos at home and earn some valuable foreign currency.

Chicken Hut representatives we spoke to also confirmed that the food company is also working on an application that will debut in the near future.

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One thought on “Chicken Hut Launches WhatsApp-Based Diaspora Food Service

  1. Well, the thing is that chicken hut is proven to be of poor quality. At least 10 people i know can agree. It’s ABSOLUTELY not what it was when it had just opened. Sometimes the chips have like a fishy smell and they don’t come out how they used to… they used to be mind blowing. cold fillet in the burger if the order is big(like 3 burgers)(sit in). and usually expect poorer quality if its take away or delivery. In general the standards have just dropped!

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