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Gaming On A Low-End Phone? Google’s GameSnacks Has The Solution For You

If you’re a gamer but you’re relying on a low-budget smartphone you’ll know the pain of not being able to run games on your phone. Area 120 – Google’s workshop for experimental projects has released a library of games that are meant to work on low-end smartphones.

The name – GameSnacks – is of significance because it represents what these games are. They are short and fun experiences but I wouldn’t compare them to the full meals that you get in PUBG Mobile, CoD Mobile and Asphalt. Knowing what to expect is always a great thing and don’t expect to suddenly be able to play the games that run on Galaxy Notes in your web browser.

Oh I hadn’t mentioned that. The Gamesnacks experience is an in-browser experience meaning all the games on offer aren’t independent apps but instead web-apps you can access in your browser.

Right now there are 5 games:

  • Bridge of Doom
  • Bubble Woods
  • Road Fury
  • Jump With Justin
  • Groovy Ski

All of the games are pretty simple but they’re actually quite fun and I could see a number of people actually enjoying them. I only tested 3 because of time but I enjoyed Bubble Woods the most.

The games are a testament to how much power our smartphones and web browsers have nowadays.

The experience is optimised to run on 2G and 3G meaning even people with poor internet connections can still play. If you’re interested in playing the browser-based games go to

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