Here’s How You Can Pay For Netflix Using EcoCash/OneMoney

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A few weeks ago we talked about – a payments platform being introduced by Fresh In A Box in order to make it possible for Zimbos to make cross-border payments (that normally require a Visa/Mastercard) using local currency.

The service has gone live and will facilitate payments for the following services and more:

  • Netflix
  • Showmax
  • Apple Gift Cards
  • PSN Gift Cards
  • Digital Ocean
  • And more…

When we initially got in touch with Kuda Musasiwa of Fresh In A Box he explained that the service will work as follows:

We use the money people pay over seas for food delivery in Zim and use it to pay for services like Netflix overseas . Use the rtgs people pay here for stuff like Netflix to run our procument and delivery for veggie business. Using any avaible apis and if not api available the “gift cards “ systems most popular services have.

A lot of brilliant people struggle with paying for simple things. We have already been helping young devs with payments for stuff like digital ocean etc

Kuda Musasiwa

PAYmy has a no-nonsense UI that’s extremely easy to navigate and has very few steps. Once you’ve selected the service you want to pay for, you’ll get the RTGS price before choosing to add more services or checking out.

Paymy offers the most convenient way to pay for these packages because it’s cheaper than what bank’s charge – or at least cheaper than what FBC the bank I usually use to pay for Netflix charges- and I also don’t have to go and deposit my US$ in the prefunded card which is more money and time lost.

PS: Opening the Paymy website from desktop doesn’t seem to be working as well as opening it on mobile at the moment.


What’s your take?

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  1. Bhinikwa Site is down

    1. Cyprian Aarons
  2. Mike

    Ok, silly question. Which netflix voucher do i choose if am based in Zim, or i can choose from any of the 3 and stil be able to view netflix irregardless of my Zim location?

    1. Kudakwashe Musasiwa

      us the US$ one, if you opened in Zim as we were a US$ economy.


      1. Lydia Matiza-Gumbie

        My regular Netflix is usd11.99 so on this platform at usd30.00 am I getting 2 months plus or am paying double plus

        1. Kudzi

          You keep all your money on ur account so u can use for 2 months.

        2. Farai Mudzingwa

          You’re getting 2 months plus because gift cards allow you to keep the money you didn’t use in your account

          1. Sonny

            Hi whre u from, is ths yo real name

    2. Farai Mudzingwa

      It depends on which country your Netflix account is linked to – something you choose at registration if I’m not mistaken

  3. solo

    at what rate are they using $10 google voucher is 402 fbc is way cheaper

    1. Mike

      Did you factor in transaction charges, as well as monthly maintanace charges of a forex account, coz those are obcene unless if your salary is usd denominated.

  4. Fib

    Mmm… The rtgs prices even the prices there ha pakaipa

  5. Mike

    Seems the paymy app doesn’t apply for new accounts, or i am wrong?

    1. Net14lif

      Conversion of eco to USD is steep… Better off with prepaid card

  6. The Principal

    1. Poor idea (for me at least).

    2. Visa card etc wins in the long run coz i can do much more than paying for entertainment.

    3. With the recent increase in ecocash tariffs, do the math and see if there are meaningful savings.

    4. Most banks are going digital. There are no longer huge queues as before. Moreover, most banks prioritise depositors. I don’t see where time is wasted here. Are you going to deposit money for every single payment? After “saving” 1 hour of queuing in the bank you go on to spend 4 hours on You tube “useless” videos!

    5. If you are serious about online transactions, you will NEED a Visa Card etc period.

    1. Farai Mudzingwa

      Fair enough

  7. Anony

    The concept is nice, the price is steep. I mean I still have to pay for unlimited WiFi to enjoy this. When you factor in that cost to this rtgs market rate, I will need a church which tithes which a month to me to be able to afford this. It’s steep

    1. Farai Mudzingwa

      If you don’t have unlimited internet to begin with then yeah I think it’s steep but got Netflix particularly I think the target is people who already have unlimited internet or enough data to watch Netflix along with the money to subscribe for Netflix but without the means to subscribe

      1. Rufaro

        Anyone with a Visa/MasterCard willing to create a Showmax account for me, then I pay you using ecocash (plus interest on top). You don’t need to give me your card details it’s just a matter of you creating an account and giving me login info

        1. Patrick Zuva

          Get in touch with me – 0771960326

  8. Max

    I creat Netflix accounts muno share muri 4 people ( 8 US per month or equivalent 0714147738

    1. Farai Mudzingwa

      US8 per person??? That’s US$24 when the premium Netflix plan is US$15. What’s the point of paying 8 bucks when I can pay 4 Dollars with 4 friends and get the service?

    2. Tino

      I’m interested

  9. Imi Vanhu Musadaro

    Folks here are complaining about steep prices/rates. I suggest they to go their respective banks, buy Forex and fund their debit cards. Make sure to fill in “Netflix”, when asked for the purpose of funds… 😁

    I like the clean interface though. Good work guys.!!


    Netflix from (ex that has been operating for over a year now – is cheaper when stock is available.

    1. Farai Mudzingwa

      Tried to open the link you shared and it’s not working

  11. Anonymous

    You should also do tinder

    1. Anonymous

      And also PornHub

  12. Prince Murehwa

    Any chance of making such a payment via Telecash?

  13. Tino

    How do l pay for Netflix using ecocash. Help

  14. Mandy

    Is Paymy still working in 2021 cause i checked the link and its unavailable.
    Please help

    1. iamngoni


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