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[Podcast] Our Experience Working Without An Office

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At the beginning of 2019, most of the Techzim team stopped coming to the office to work and eventually the office was closed. On this episode of the Techzim podcast, we share what our experience has been like working from home, a cafe or pretty much anywhere.

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2 thoughts on “[Podcast] Our Experience Working Without An Office

  1. How do you guys deal with power cuts at home? If you work from a coffee shop, how do you deal with the noise? A co-working space for me is the same as an office, same commute problem. I think someone mentioned they are a developer, how are you guys dealing with collaboration as a remote team? Do you meet often?

    1. Hi Phidza, thanks for engaging with us and sorry for the late response.

      Each team member has a battery and an inverter so the power cuts don’t affect us that much assuming electricity is available at least once a day for a couple of hours. If electricity isn’t available at all for more than 24 hours then the only option would be to find another place to work from.

      About dealing with noise at coffee shops, for me I just wear my headphones and play some music if I’m failing to focus because of the noise.

      Concerning collaboration as a remote team, we use Trello for managing tasks, Bitbucket private repositories for code sharing and collaborating on the same project, and Zoom for calls when further discussion is needed. That setup has been working for us so far and we haven’t felt the need to meet in person for development.

      Last year, we didn’t do that well in terms of meeting often as a whole team. We only met once towards the end of 2019 after realising the need to do that. In 2020 we aim to meet often like once every quarter so that we keep and strengthen the team relations.

      Do you work remotely ? Would be interested in hearing how your experience has been.

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