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Reddit CEO Says TikTok Is Spyware

Steve Huffman the Co-Founder and CEO of Reddit criticised TikTok during a panel discussion at Social 2030 – an event for Silicon Valley investors and entrepreneurs.

The panel which included Facebook’s VP of product Sam Lessin was having a discussion around TikTok’s innovative features when the Reddit CEO decided to share he wasn’t a big fan of the application:

Maybe I’m going to regret this, but I can’t even get to that level of thinking with them, because I look at that app as so fundamentally parasitic, that it’s always listening, the fingerprinting technology they use is truly terrifying, and I could not bring myself to install an app like that on my phone.

I actively tell people, ‘Don’t install that spyware on your phone

Steve Huffman – Reddit CEO

TikTok has been accused of being unsafe though it’s yet to be proven. Allegations include user data being sent back to China, whilst others have alleged that there is censorship on the app.

Considering the fact that the app is built by a Chinese company, there are fears that their authoritarian government has to sign-off on all content posted on the site, which has led to all the allegations flying about.

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