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SMS & Data Bundles Price Hike Imminent For Econet Subscribers

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Econet has announced that from the 4th of February it will reveal new prices for data and SMS bundles:

Dear valued customer, Please note that our Data and SMS bundle prices will be reviewed effective Tuesday 4 February 2020.

**All other prices remain unchanged.

Whilst Telecel and NetOne are yet to announce similar tariff changes, the expectation is that these MNO’s will also adjust their tariffs as both have mentioned in the past few weeks that the current tariffs are not sustainable.

Telecel’s CEO Angeline Vere blamed some of the current woes the company finds itself in on the economy, thus one would assume that a tariff review is also imminent from that mobile network:

The organisation has not been spared from the factors currently severely affecting the economy. Especially, the issues of commercial power, movement is actual exchange rates and the regulated tariffs obtaining have caused extremely difficult operational challenges, Regular tariff reviews by the Regulator have tended to be well below the optimal requests made against hefty operational costs escalation.

Angeline Vere

Similarly, NetOne CEO also mentioned that tariffs and hikes were not keeping up with the inflationary economy in an interview earlier on this year, which means all 3 MNOs are onboard when it comes to announcing tariffs that are reflective of the current economy.

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5 thoughts on “SMS & Data Bundles Price Hike Imminent For Econet Subscribers

  1. Zimbabwe must dollarize to crush inflation and assure growth – Steve Hanke. Pakaipa amana. All prices are ever going up all together. Whats the next step guys. ChaoraChinhu ichii

  2. Experts in the sector have bemoaned the costs of maintaining the networks in the dark hours with heavy demand for diesel to run the base stations, pushing the average costs up. Zimbabwe inyika yababa vedu. Tirikuendepi

  3. The country has been forced into a cashless society amid the cash shortages. There has been times when there wld be no network coverage during PWR cuts. The situation has changed but the future of telecoms in Zimbabwe is uncertain. As they are pushed to increase tariffs the consumer’s pocket is also strained & now people have to prioritize between buying a loaf of bread or buying data bundles. All the same, industry is down

  4. When inflation soars, the first line of defence that is weakened n every sector or industry r prices. #Prices must be sustainable to carry an organization forward otherwise they will all sing the “under-capacitated” Mantra! It’s A survival strategy! That’s it! Nothing else!

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