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ZOL Announces 3rd Service Disrupting Network Maintenance In 14 Days

It seems something is up with ZOL’s network. Personally, my fibre connection hasn’t performed to the standard I’ve grown accustomed to as a ZOL customer since late 2019.

Whilst I can’t place an exact date when these disconnections and disruptions started, I hoped that ZOL’s network maintenance period from 5-6 February 2020 would finally improve the service.

That maintenance period came and went, but things stayed the same. Surprisingly, on the 12th of February, ZOL announced that they would again be having another maintenance period between 13-14 February. Again the maintenance came and went but service hasn’t been excellent. On Monday night, my internet disconnected and reconnected a number of times – something we’ve become accustomed to at this point.

Today ZOL has sent out another message to subscribers confirming that there will be yet another network maintenance:

Dear Customer

There will be service affecting maintenance on our network from 10pm on 19/02/20 to 6am on 20/02/20. We apologise for any inconveniences caused.

Whilst this is the 3rd time in as many weeks that this has happened, ZOL has sent the exact same message to subscribers every single time and doesn’t appear willing to share any other details about whatever it is that continues to disrupt the schedules of a service that subscribers pay for.

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