ZOL Announces Scheduled Maintenance, Less Than A Week After Completing Another

ZOL, Liquid Telecom

ZOL has sent out an email to subscribers announcing that there will be planned maintenance from the 13th to the 14th of February.


The maintenance period will result in service disruption for customers.

Whilst service maintenance is nothing odd, it is a bit odd that ZOL is carrying this one out so soon after the maintenance period a week ago. Another oddity is the fact that this maintenance is being carried out during the middle of the week – with similar procedures usually carried out on weekends.


Over the last few months, ZOL users have complained about their internet being spotty and the assumption has been that ZOL like any other telecommunications/ISP has been affected by the power issues currently plaguing the country.

We reached out to ZOL to understand why the maintenance was being carried out so soon after the other one and they clarified that the previous maintenance on the 5th of February had left the network unstable and so they had to roll back the update. The work being done this week is meant to finish off the initial maintenance which didn’t go according to plan.

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