EcoCash Increases Transaction Limits As ZWL Continues To Fall

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As Zimbabwe’s currency continues to take a beating, the country’s leading consumer payments platform, EcoCash has revised its ceiling on transactions. These limits are set with the approval of the RBZ. Given that the central bank is in denial as to the actual value of its currency the revisions come short of what the market really needs. It’s a welcome change all the same.

Sending money (peer to peer)

The limit for sending money has been increased from $1 000 to $5 000 per transaction.

Merchant payment

Paying a merchant can now be done up to $10 000 in one transaction. The previous limit was $3 000. The limit is still very limiting. You can’t buy a modest smart phone for $10 000 anymore for example.

Bill payments

Bill payment limit is now $10 000 as well. The old limit was $2 000.

Daily limits

EcoCash customers who are not linked to a debit card or a bank account can transact up to only $5 000 in any given day. This sounds too little but it is of course better than the old limit of $2 000.

Customers who are linked to a debit card have their limits increased from $5 000 to $10 000. Those with their EcoCash linked to a bank account can transact for up to $25 000, an increase from $10 000.

There is now a new class of customers they are referring to as ‘Executive Grade.’ These customers are allowed to transact up to $30 000 in a day.

Monthly limits

Customers who are not linked to a debit card or a bank account are now allowed to transact up to $20 000 per month which is an increase from $10 000.

If linked to a debit card, customers will be allowed to transact up to $35 000 per month. Previously the limit was $25 000. Customers whose EcoCash wallet is linked to a bank account can now transact up to $150 000 in a month, up from $50 000.

The Executive Grade customers will transact up to a monthly limit of $250 000.



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  1. Cossam Ndlovu

    This is the best

  2. Mukanya

    The real value of ZWL currency is trash!

  3. Imi Vanhu Musadaro

    Executive Grade for roadport and sipatheleni clients. This is another innovation from Econet, keep it up.

  4. sonofthesoil

    @Mukanya….the zanupf illegitimate gvt is trash!

    Busy working on owning the opposition through crazy Khupe, who could even get 50 000 votes…even when she was using the name that most people would have known…MDC-T!

    Nero went into 2018 July election with the MDC Alliance establishment, newly formed outfit, and he managed to wallop emmerson, garnering over 2.6 million votes, and subsequently getting his victory stolen by mnangagwa using a captured electoral management body plus a compromised court system.

    Zimbabwe shall be free and zanupf shall be as extinct and a by-gone as the Nazi Party!

  5. Oswel kuyangamara

    I want my account to be an executive grade what is being needed for that process to take place. I am facing challenges when doing payments mostly to mechants, mostly bakeries Baker’s inn lobels etc, in making online payments when l want to buy bulk groceries in Nrichards, Gain cash and carry etc. Please assist iff possible..

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