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Here Are New Econet Tariffs Starting Tomorrow 14 March 2020

After POTRAZ increased the ceiling for Mobile Network Operator rates, EcoNet has announced their new tariffs which will be effective from tomorrow.

Voice Tariffs

Econet will be charging the same rate for peak and off peak calls. There is no distinction also between pre-paid (Buddie) tariffs and post-paid tariffs. The MNO is charging $1.5019 per minute for Econet to Econet calls. They bill this per second at a rate of $0.0250 per second. These fees are VAT inclusive.

Interestingly, Econet is charging less when you call other networks. Their tariff for that is now $1.4418 per minute. This is again billed per second at a rate of $0.0240 per second. The reason why this is cheaper is that when you call a none Econet number (say NetOne), Econet will be entitled to an interconnection fee from the network you would have called. They will still make the same per minute as if you called another Econet number.


Out of bundle access to the internet will start being charged at $0.3004 per MB of data. There is no difference again between peak and off peak access to the internet.


Local SMS is now $0.3805 per message whilst international SMS will be $4.2712 per message.

When you use your bank’s mobile banking facility via USSD for example, your bank will be charged $0.3805 per session.

Quick NetOne, Econet, And Telecel Airtime Recharge

One thought on “Here Are New Econet Tariffs Starting Tomorrow 14 March 2020

  1. Quite insightful. Net1 and Telecel are in a fix when it comes to interconnection fees. For every call from Net1 to Econet, there are 500 calls in the reverse direction kkkk. “Nobody” uses these “other” 2 as their main line.

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