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Liquid Telecom Announces 20-50% Data Discount For Enterprise Customers

Earlier today Liquid Telecom announced that from the 23rd of March they will be discounting broadband prices for their enterprise customers by 20%-50%.

Regional CEO for Liquid Telecom in Southern Africa, Mr Wellington Makamure made the announcement explaining that the 6-month promotion will be provided to loyal customers who will get 20-50% additional bandwidth at no cost in order to help businesses deliver services more efficiently:

Liquid Telecom is playing a vital role supporting businesses and customers they serve with faster, higher capacity internet without additional expense. This is likely to include fewer disruptions relating to online shopping and banking maintaining day-to-day business operations with cloud-based services and supporting critical services including telemedicine and digital e-health solutions.

Wellington Makamure – Regional CEO Liquid Telecom

How is Liquid going to classify the enterprise customers?

Liquid Telecom’s Chief Commercial Officer Hemilton Manika explained that they are targeting customers in sectors such as Banking, Mining, Retail, and Tourism just to name a few.

He also made it clear that the beneficiaries of this promotion are the businesses and not retail customers. Whether or not a business decides to then pass on the savings from this discount to customers will be up to the businesses.

How sustainable is this promotion?

One of the questions we had for Liquid’s regional CEO was around the sustainability of this promotion given that he himself had mentioned earlier that the pricing of broadband in the country is lagging behind “horribly”.

The CEO explained that the thinking behind the promotion is that they are spreading the costs across the customer base to ensure that customers churn remains low:

In the most plain language I can explain, we have struck a balance and we’ve seen that we’ve got x figure that we can sustain for 6 months because if we don’t do that and our clients go down, then we don’t have the next 6 months

Wellington Makamure – Regional CEO Liquid Telecom

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