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Local banks have been updating their mobile applications with new features and following updates from FBC and EcoBank, NMB is the latest bank to update their mobile banking application and we took the app for a spin to see what’s new in there.

Redesigned UI

As is to be expected with such an overhaul there’s a redesigned user interface and it doesn’t get in the way which is a great thing. The design is clean and clear and I doubt users will have a difficult time finding

Users can now pay their bills and buy the airtime, a feature that is coming to all apps developed by ZSS – which also developed the FBC application.

It would be great if NMB added other contact options outside of the social media channels on offer. It’s great that those are there but it’s not every customer who will want to use those channels to communicate with the bank.

Biometric security

Like the FBC app, NMB also added biometric security to the application which means you’ll be able to use your fingers as an added security layer.

Whilst this is great for users with Android devices and older iPhones (iPhone 8 and lower) there is a problem for iPhone X and 11 users. Those devices have no fingerprint sensors and NMBs authentication probably won’t work with FaceID – if it works anything like the FBC app which is made by the same developer.

Quality of life improvements

The app has support for multiple accounts which is great if you have more than a single account with the bank. Previously you needed to either; have a phone that supports dual apps or actually have a second phone and install another version of the application there.

You can also add beneficiaries for bill payments and airtime which means if you’re constantly getting a certain individual airtime the process is much easier now.

Local banking apps have been improving by leaps and bounds and the fact that most things you would want to do in a bank branch are now replicable via their mobile applications is definitely a welcome change.


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