TelOne Announces New Prices For Broadband Packages

Telone Fibre billboard

TelOne has announced the new pricing for their broadband offerings which have been effected from today (14 March).

Package NameData CapTariff (RTGS$)
Home Basic10GB$262
Home Extra15GB$280
Home Basic Night20GB$331
Home Plus30GB$435
Home Plus Night60GB$559
Home Premier60GB$731
Home Premier Night120GB$942
Home Boost 200GB$1050
Infinity Pro500GB$1548
Infinity SupremeUnlimited$2609
Intense ExtraUnlimited$3478
Blaze Lite8GB$242
Blaze Extra 15GB$366
Blaze Boost20GB$456
Blaze Ultra40GB$736
Blaze Trailblazer100GB$1107
Blaze SupernovaUnlimited$2181

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32 thoughts on “TelOne Announces New Prices For Broadband Packages

  1. They didn’t announce, they just effected!!! Customers got to know after implementation and not prior to. As your article reads “as from today”.

    1. Check on their social media pages but when we last checked with them it seems they had a shortage of those

      1. Yes they are currently not selling the sim cards separately; which is why I need to buy from someone who is selling the sim card

    2. I thought the blaze package was supposed to be cheaper than normal home wifi now it more expensive doesn’t that defeat the purpose of introducing the service

  2. How much is your routers ? I wish to put broadband internet in my house in Mutare?? And what packages are better for the family of 3 for a whole month

  3. 1. How does the public wifi facility work?
    2. Each time I buy additional broadband units, I find I have DEOD units, what does this mean?

  4. Good day, if I want to buy public WiFi will I be able to use it in my phone wherever I am? Or can I use as data bundles?

  5. i would like to know the current prices of the Blaze card and modem and wether it is currently available or not.

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