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Twitter Accounts To Follow For Coronavirus Updates

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The greatest benefit of social media is arguably its ability to democratize information. Whilst that comes with pitfalls such as misinformation one can argue that sometimes the misinformation is unavoidable and doesn’t taint the overall purpose of social media.

With the Corona Outbreak spreading rapidly and its impact on the global economy and health system becoming harder to ignore, it is important to have a trustworthy source of information regarding the disease.

I compiled this list of sources of information (from Twitter) which have covered the outbreak with accuracy thus far;

  1. Spectator index – The Spectator Index doesn’t usually focus on health issues but they’ve provided helpful statistics regarding the spread of the disease so far. They have also touched on the impact of the disease on the broader economy.
  2. World Health Organisation – Over the last few weeks, they’ve shared updates on the impact of the virus, measures you and I can take to prevent the spread of the virus and how the virus works as more about it has been discovered
  3. Zim Ministry Of Information – Locally this has been the best source of information regarding the virus, sharing updates on suspected cases and their outcomes on almost a daily basis.
  4. Ministry Of Health Zimbabwe – Whilst they provide updates similar to the Ministry of Information the Health Ministry have done so at a slower and more inconsistent rate than their counterpart. The updates they’ve shared are still valuable
  5. CDC – US organisation, Centers for Disease Control has been sharing updates on COVID-19 similar to the World Health Organisation

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