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Working From Home? Here Are Your Internet Options


With the number of people working from home increasing by the day as companies take measures to stop the spread of the Novel Coronavirus.

With that being said, those of you working from home will probably need an internet connection and we’ve rounded up the best options you probably have.

For those of you looking to actually get a home internet connection installed from scratch, we would advise against that as it could result in you or your family catching the virus.

Instead of setting up a home internet from scratch here are your best alternatives for ZW$1000 or less;

Econet Private WiFi Bundles – Best Value & Convenience

Private WiFi bundles confuse many people because of the name but if you buy these bundles you’ll be able to access them on your phone just like any other bundle. The name Private WiFi bundle is derived from the fact that subscribers who buy these are supposed to be able to create a hotspot from their phone to their computer.

There are 3 Private WiFi packages available to Econet subscribers;

  • 25GB for $400
  • 50GB for $800
  • 75GB for $1000

The bundles are priced competitively with other internet packages you’ll get from ZOL’s WiBroniks and TelOne’s Blaze LTE service and unlike those two the private bundles are reliably available in more areas.

For those looking to set up a connection from scratch, this is probably your only option since you don’t have to get anything installed at your house.

PS: The other two mobile networks don’t offer such bundles so it’s impossible to draw a comparison

Update: NetOne actually offers One-Fi Bundles similarly priced to Econet’s Private Wifi which makes theirs an equally enticing deals;

  • 25GB for $400
  • 50GB for $800
  • 75GB for $1000

ZOL Wibronik & Fibroniks

ZOL has Fibroniks (Fibre to the home) and Wibroniks (wireless LTE connection) but these will probably be ideal for people who already have the infrastructure in place at their homes. Here are the Wibroniks packages under a $1000;

  • 5GB for $183
  • 15GB for $351
  • 20GB for $396
  • 30GB for $583
  • 60GB for $876

Here are the Fibroniks the packages under $1000;

  • 10GB for $147
  • 40GB for $400
  • 50GB for $540

Fibroniks is cheaper than WiBroniks but at present, it will probably be very difficult to get installers at your place and as we said before that’s not something we would recommend any consumer to go for.

TelOne ADSL, Fibre & LTE

TelOne offers the most choice but like ZOL signing up for their service as a new customer will probably require going to a shop or interfacing with installers.

TelOne ADSL/Fibre subscribers have the following options;

Home Basic10GB$262
Home Extra15GB$280
Home Plus 30GB $435
Home Premier 60GB $731

The LTE Blaze packages are structured as follows;

Blaze Lite8GB$242
Blaze Extra15GB$366
Blaze Boost20GB$456
Blaze Ultra40GB$736

TelOne’s LTE and home packages are currently priced slightly more expensive than ZOL and Econet making them the hardest recommend at a time when people will be very sensitive of how they spend every dollar they have.

Quick NetOne, Econet, And Telecel Airtime Recharge

10 thoughts on “Working From Home? Here Are Your Internet Options

      1. NetOne’s OneFi is even better than the Econet equivalent because you can buy it with a 10% discount if you buy airtime using OneMoney *151*5 The $400 25GB bundle effectively costs $360, I bought one yesterday. The OneFi bundle lasts 30 days.

    1. PS: The other two mobile networks don’t offer such bundles so it’s impossible to draw a comparison

      Have you forgotten about One-Fi netone

  1. Hi
    Thanks for the very timely article. How long do the econet private WiFi bundles last?
    Thank you

  2. Hi
    Thanks for the timely article. Do you know how long the econet and netone bundles last? Are they for a month?

    1. does powertel have lines now? when i used it a year ago the speeds where not worthwhile, have the improved?

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