Organisations Offering Essential Services Will Now Be Able To Post Jobs On LinkedIn For Free

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Social media companies usually get a lot of negative media for how they handle data and address a bunch of problems on their platforms, but their responses during the Coronavirus have been commendable.

Facebook and Twitter have been battling with misinformation on their respective platforms. LinkedIn has announced a host of measures to help businesses delivering essential services for the next 3 months.

First, businesses in sectors that have these urgent hiring needs to post jobs for free on LinkedIn. Hospitals, Nonprofits (working on Coronavirus disaster relief) and essential services such as supermarkets, package delivery companies etc will now post new “mission-critical” jobs for free for the next three months. Companies interested in taking advantage of this offer can post free jobs by following this link.

Urgent hiring needs for the healthcare industry

LinkedIn users with relevant skills will discover these jobs through real-time alerts, in the LinkedIn feed, and in job search. Tagging critical frontline healthcare roles, such as doctors and nurses, as urgent and bringing them front and centre on the LinkedIn homepage will make these roles more accessible.

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