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Snapchat “Social Distancing” AR Filter Helps Users Stay Safe During Coronavirus Outbreak

Popular social media app, Snapchat has added two Social Distancing lenses in collaboration with the World Health Organisation.

“My Social Distance” lense encourages users to maintain social distancing by creating an AR circle on the ground to visualize what a safe distance is between you and the next person. If there’s no one in the circle it stays green to show you’re safe but as the distance between you and an individual reduces it turns orange-red.

The distance covered by the circle is informed by WHO’s social-distancing recommendations. Overall the filter provides a good way to ensure that you’re staying away from people if you’re required to be out or when you eventually have to go to the shops during the crisis.

The other lense contains animated reminders about washing your hands, staying at home and not touching your face.

Whilst the update isn’t anything out of this world it does offer a cool insight into how technology can be used in different and interesting ways during this time, and the interactivity provided by this one gets a thumbs up from me.

PS: It’s not clear if Android users have this feature yet, but on the Android device I use non of the lenses are available. Maybe the feature is rolling-out incrementally or this could be Snapchat treating Android as the black sheep of the family – not the first time.

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