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This App Provides Medical Workers With Ventilator Training

Several of the world’s ventilator manufacturers have formed a Ventilator Training Alliance (VTA) and partnered with Allego to create a mobile app that frontline medical providers can use to access a centralized repository of ventilator training resources.

The VTA App connects respiratory therapists, nurses and other medical professionals with ventilator training resources from alliance member companies, including instructional how-to videos, manuals, troubleshooting guides, and other ventilator-operation expertise critical to helping responders treat patients suffering from COVID-19-related respiratory distress.

We can help overcome this pandemic by collaborating across companies, agencies and industries to deliver smart solutions that add value and reduce stress for frontline healthcare heroes when every minute matters.

This training alliance is a great example of that collaborative spirit. Being able to share content from a variety of ventilator manufacturers all in one place ensures that hospitals can quickly access information they may need to accelerate putting life-saving ventilators to use.

Ventilators play a critical role in the management of patients who require respiratory assistance because they cannot breathe effectively due to a severe illness, such as COVID-19. Speed and ease of access to ventilator training could have a direct impact on patients’ health during the COVID-19 crisis. 

Content on the VTA app can be accessed on iOS and Android devices — even in environments with little to no Wi-Fi access — or from a web browser. The app provides healthcare professionals multi-language closed captioning and mobile background audio when multitasking.

I downloaded the app just to browse through and it provides how-to videos, product manuals, and reference guides for ventilator equipment. It’s not clear how useful this will be for medical practitioners in Zimbabwe but with over 20 ventilators on the application, it might prove useful.

The application also contains a guide on how to use the application meaning even for medical workers who aren’t tech-savvy there’s a way to make the app useful – provided they are willing to learn.

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6 thoughts on “This App Provides Medical Workers With Ventilator Training

    1. Sometimes better to ask why something is the way it is than rushing to assume “look at them!!! They stole”

      1. Oh, when it’s Techzim, it’s a “press release”. 😂

        So, basically, the original author doesn’t deserve credit because you added a footnote to their content. Kudos for your research, hardwork and initiative!

  1. Oh, when it’s Techzim, it’s a “press release”. 😂

    So, basically, the original author doesn’t deserve credit because you added a footnote to their content. Kudos for your research, hardwork and initiative!

    1. OK maybe let me explain how press releases work for you, my dear friend.

      A company or organisation, in this case -VTA, sends out the same press release to 10s if not 100s of publications – and the publications use them as they please. If a publication wants to make edits and add their own experience (like done above) to better fit their audience, they do. Publications aren’t obligated to CREDIT the organisation that has sent said press release. It really is standard practice – and if you go on the search bar on our site and search “press release” and then search some of the stories under that section you’ll find them on other sites as well, none of those sites or Techzim can claim copyright over that content because the originator of the content wants it to be published on as many sites as possible and one publication putting it up before another doesn’t then allow the site that was first to upload to copyright strike any other publication running with a similar story and claim it’s stolen. It’s not stolen because it’s not their story to begin with.

      If the above explanation still isn’t enough, Google Search “why are press releases important”. I’m sure you’ll find articles that do an even better job of explaining how press releases work than I did above. If after all that you still feel this is “stolen content” as you put it previously, well I’m not sure how exactly to help after that but I do stand by what I said, we do not steal content.

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