[Watch] Magna Carta Using Animation As Part Of Coronavirus Awareness Campaign

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computer with an nimation drawing of a superhero

African consultancy firm, Magna Carta is joining the bandwagon of organisations making efforts to combat COVID-19 and the firm has chosen to do so using animation.

Magna Carta has adopted the animation in six different languages to in a bid to “educate our communities in languages they can understand”.

The animation includes information around hand-washing, cutting non-essential travel, avoiding/cancelling large scale public gatherings, physical distancing along with remote working.

When the outbreak was limited to China, everyone was disconnected. But now that it is here, there is an overflow of information however most of it is in English. Africa is a continent with high linguistic diversity, and we wanted to make the lifesaving information more accessible in a language of choice.

Magna Carta Managing Director Moliehi Molekoa

The world has taken different approaches to tackle the COVID-19 global crisis and the use of mediums such as animation, filters in social media apps, and even GoFundMe’s show how innovation can be used in a variety of ways during these uncertain times.


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