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YouTube Bans Coronavirus Videos That Contradict WHO Advice

YouTube has announced that it will remove any content they deem as “medically unsubstantiated”, following misinformation regarding the novel Coronavirus.

So people saying, ‘Take vitamin C, take turmeric, we’ll cure you,’ those are the examples of things that would be a violation of our policy. Anything that would go against World Health Organisation recommendations would be a violation of our policy

YouTube Chief executive Susan Wojcicki

Initially YouTube reduced the frequency with which videos touting conspiracy theories about Coronavirus would be recommended to viewers. They then later stepped it up and decided to start deleting such videos all together following conspiracy theorist David Icke’s interview in which he claim there is a link between 5G and the virus.

Now, they’ve further tightened their policy so that videos containing information that doesn’t allign with the World Health Organisation’s guidelines or isn’t medically sound will get removed from the platform.

Social media platforms have been trying to deal with what WHO has labelled as the Coronavirus “infodemic” to varying degrees of success. The virus has made one thing clearer than ever before, whilst the internet can be used to spread accurate information rapidly it can also be used maliciously to great effect.

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