Zimbabweans Appointed Global Esports Federation Commissioners

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[Image Source; GES]

Two Zimbabweans – Tommy Sithole and Tyrone Seward- were recently appointed chairperson and vice-chairperson of 2 of the 8 Global Esports Federation Commissions.

Sithole who also happens to chair the Zimpapers board will chair the federation’s Governance and Ethics Commission. Seward, on the other hand, was appointed the vice-chairperson in the Education, Culture and Wellness Commission.

GEF has 6 other commissions;

  • Athletes and Players Commission;
  • Brand, Marketing, Commercial and Communications Commission;
  • Digital, Technology, and Innovation Commission;
  • Finance, Legal and Administration Commission;
  • Membership Commission;
  • Technical and Development Commission.

The GEF said the commissions will advise the Board to help fulfil overall aims of creating a safe, healthy, and sustainable esports ecosystem.

The Global Esports Federation launched last December set a mandate for itself to grow and regulate the eSports industry with the following objectives;

  • Encourage and support the establishment of National Esports Federations with a set of relevant standards, guidelines, and regulations;
  • Establish an athlete commission, with a focus on athlete well-being, development of standards for fair play, career support, and education to ensure safe, doping-free, and ethically compliant practices;
  • Convene and stage esports competitions, conventions, fora, and development programmes;
  • Development of world-class governance structures and guidelines for the Global Esports Federation;
  • Create, develop, and stage the annual flagship Global Esports Games, with the first Games to be staged in 2020.

The GES still intends to host the inaugural Global Esports Games later this year and then once annually going forward.


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  1. smartarz

    Tyrone Seward is the husband of Kirsty Coventry. lol!

  2. Imi Vanhu Musadaro

    How old are these folks? Lest that is considered discriminatory, have they ever held a controller before? It’s not just a matter of bringing experience from other sports and applying them here.

    Their eSports background would be nice to hear about.

  3. DragonSlayer

    This is insane – they have never played Competitive Esports before yet here they are. This makes me sad. As a ProGamer grinding for the last 4 years, organizing Comps and playing in Comps, then you get people who dont even understand it made Commissioners. I am truly lost for words as to who voted for them or how they even got the opportunity for it. Of course i am happy its Zimbabweans but truth be told there are far great people who could have done alot more in those positions.

  4. DragonSlayer

    Greater* Sorry –
    Hard to handle seeing things like this when you have been grinding and representing your country for so long and positions are given away to people who have never even heard of Esports until recent. With out speaking to the Zimbabweans about it or voting for it or anything.
    Trying to get sponsorship in Zimbabwe is another thing. Depends on who you are depends on if you get it or not. Anyway that is besides the point. My point is that it was wrong for them to have been elected with out some kind of Vote/election or something. Because I know people who I game with even us at ZWS would have do a better job of this having the opportunities that come with this.

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