ZOL Warns Customers To Be Wary Of Criminals Posing As Staffers

ZOL has sent out a message to its subscribers warning them to be wary of people visiting subscribers homes and claiming to be ZOL staffers in order to gain access to people’s homes

The message sent by ZOL reads;

Dear Customer.
Be warned: there are individuals posing as ZOL staff under the guise of upgrading internet services to gain access to homes. Please stay vigilant


It’s probable that criminals have been taking note of houses with fibre optic cable trenching or WiBroniks outdoor modems and using this as a cue to approach certain houses and pretend as if they are ZOL staffers.

In the case of WiBroniks consumers would probably be willing to invite fake ZOL staffers in given how problematic the service has been over the last few months.

Either way, if a “ZOL staffer” presents themselves at your gate unannounced , you’re better off not opening the gate at all.

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