[Update] Zoom Meetings Gains 100M New Users In 3 Weeks

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Zoom’s rise to fame doesn’t seem to be on the wane – even with security concerns plaguing the video conferencing software. In March, Zoom reported their user base had grown from 10 million to 200 million between December and February.

That exponential growth hasn’t stopped and in 3 weeks, Zoom has added 100M users and now sits at a total user count of 300M active users;

Clearly the Zoom platform is providing an incredibly valuable service to our beloved users during this challenging time. We are thrilled and honoured to continue to earn the trust of so many enterprises, hospitals, teachers and customers throughout the world.

Eric Yuan – Zoom CEO

Whilst caertain governments and education institutions stopped using Zoom because of the security issues that popped up – it seems generally the adoption of the service has continued on an upwards trends. Zoom’s response to the security issues has also reassured users.

Zoom has been one of the biggest beneficiaries of COVID-19 with millions of people now using the service to conduct meetings as they work from home. This has resulted in Zoom’s stock doubling in value since the pandemic.

Update: ZOOM clarified that they haven’t in fact reached 300 million daily active users but instead those are daily meeting participants.

It’s an important thing to note and clarify but also worrying because that is an error that no doubt positively affected the companies value to investors. Zoom has enough problems on its hands with scaling exposing security flaws – to further question the trustworthiness of the company would be yet another blow.

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