3 Government Websites Hacked

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Earlier this afternoon we got alerted that 3 government websites had been hacked and are currently inaccessible. The websites in question include the Ministry of Mines, Ministry of Youth, Sports, Art, Culture and Recreation and the Ministry of Information.

Visitors to the Ministry of Mines website are greeted with a 404 error whilst the Ministry of Information is redirecting to a site hosting adverts and lastly the Ministry of Sports which is redirecting to a site boldly proclaiming “hacked by W4riok!” The site also has a strange song playing in the background which I suppose has been done for dramatic effect.

The tipster who alerted us to the hack also mentioned these type of hacks occur in specific situations:

This usually happens when there is belief of human rights violation in a country. From our observation the hackers in include ghost-squad hacker (GSH) and W4R10K.

We checked a host of other government websites to see if they too had been compromised but the majority of those are up and running just fine – excluding the Registrar General’s website which is only showing a mostly plane page with the word error tucked away in the top left corner of the site.


What’s your take?

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  1. Bryan

    That is why you don’t build government websites using WordPress or something similar where there are security vulnerabilities.

  2. Anonymous

    That was name is W4rLok not w4riok hhhhhh he is my friend 😂

    1. IAM DaWhiz


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