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Econet Now Offering Cheaper Private WiFi Packages

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Last month, Econet announced new pricing for their private WiFi and the internet went ablaze. Activists roared that internet access is a human right whilst consumers threatened to switch services but nothing would change – the price was set and that was that.

Econet seems to be trying to fix that and how do they do this? By offering consumers more choice. The mobile network operator is now offering 2 more private wifi bundles. A ZW$500 bundle that offers you 8GB and a 15gb bundle that will set you back ZW$800. This means there are now 4 Private WiFi bundles structured as follows:

  • ZW$500 for 8GB – ZW$62.50/GB
  • ZW$800 for 15GB – ZW$53.30/GB
  • ZW$1300 for 25GB – ZW$52/GB
  • ZW$2000 for 50GB – ZW$40/GB

Will this pacify the consumers and activists who weren’t thrilled when the new prices were announced last month? I’m not entirely sure as the price per gig for those packages is still high and the competition is offering cheaper bundles.

One-Fi is still cheaper

NetOne has packages to rival Econet’s Private WiFi and at the time of writing, those are significant cheaper than what Econet is offering;

  • ZW$650 for 25GB – ZW$26/GB
  • ZW$1250 for 50GB – ZW$25/GB
  • ZW$1500 for 80GB – ZW$18.75/GB

Ultimately, whether you go for NetOne or Econet isn’t as simple as which one offers a cheaper bundle as you’ll need to take into consideration who has the better coverage in your area – but for most consumers who are price conscious, NetOne takes the cake right now.

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13 thoughts on “Econet Now Offering Cheaper Private WiFi Packages

  1. TelOne wifi is the best deal by far! Its a combination of good service and affordability.

  2. Please help, I have purchased the econet private WiFi bundle but I can’t see the key to request the balance. The *143# key is not giving me the results

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