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#EconetMustFall Trends Following Econet’s Latest Data Hike

As you probably know by now, Econet has flexed their trigger finger once again meaning Zimbabweans will have to pay more for mobile data.

Price (ZW$)Data allocation (MB)
New pricing for daily bundles
Data allocationold pricenew price% increase

The price increase has not been well received by consumers who feel that the company is being hypocritical;

The religious among you will probably have heard of the scripture that says “do unto others as you would have them do unto you“. Just last week, Econet was asking suppliers to drop prices by 20%.

They cited difficult trading conditions as the justification for this price drop but then 15 days after sending that letter asking suppliers to drop prices they themselves have increased prices for customers drastically.

For ZW$400 subscribers could buy 25GB lasting them a month – now $340 gets them 1GB lasting 24 hours.

Zimbabweans have taken to Twitter to highlight how much of injustice this is;

There are over 2500 tweets with the hashtag EconetMustFall on Twitter currently and when you consider that Zimbos are relying on mobile internet for work, school and even virtual religious gatherings – its no surprise that subscribers are not in the least amused.

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4 thoughts on “#EconetMustFall Trends Following Econet’s Latest Data Hike

  1. It’s not Econets fault. It’s the suppliers, they didn’t decrease prices by 20%. #SuppliersPricesMustFall🤣🤣🤣🤣

  2. Being the only (kkkkk) mobile network operator in Zim, how does Econet fall? EVERY. ZIMBABWEAN. has used an Econet or Cassava product directly or otherwise, knowingly or unknowingly, in light or in darkness 😂😂😂😂😂
    Stop dreaming!

  3. I am not sure how many times people will “abandon” Econet for “other” networks but then “in the cover of darkness” come back begging for more, the same way women go back to their abusive husbands after a day or two away. Its kind of a “toxic” bond here between Econet and its subscribers but then toxiv bonds can be stronger than normal ones. Ever heard a woman say my husband is so stupid he has never slapped me? Never underestimate the power of Psychology in business.

  4. Start your own network, zvinhu zvakakwira kuma Supermarket and no one said anything, how do you expect them to survive?
    Kungohakira without thinking.
    Internet is an IMPORT, inoda ma USA kwete bond note, so the

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