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First Impressions Of Lafarge Cement’s WhatsApp Bot

Lafarge Cement has unveiled their new WhatsApp Chat bot – Muvaki. The chat bot is meant to assist customers looking for more information regarding Lafarge’s products without having to make calls or visit Lafarge in person.

At the time of writing the bot includes information on the following:

  • How to buy cement directly from Larfage?
  • The cost of cement?
  • Hardware products available from Lafarge Binastore Shop?
  • Buying 3/4 Stones and other aggregates from Lafarge
  • Job vacancies
  • FAQs

Lafarge’s chatbot is a step in the right direction when you consider that the company is clearly acknowledging the fact that customers don’t want to interact with sales persons or go to branches in-person. Consumers want this information at their fingertips and Lafarge adopting WhatsApp means they understand that.

That being said there is one improvement that Lafarge should make in regards to their bot. At the moment, most of the interactions end with the bot giving you a number or email to contact making the bot itself redundant. Here’s one example of such an interaction:

In the above example – instead of suggesting that someone send an email so they get the information from sales assistants why not just give the person that information there and then.

If they fix that big flaw of being redirected to human channels – which shouldn’t be too difficult- the bot will serve its purpose.

If you want to interact with Muvaki chat bot send the message “Hi” to +263787125147 on WhatsApp

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One thought on “First Impressions Of Lafarge Cement’s WhatsApp Bot

  1. The last message is the negative side of this bot, otherwise it’s a good initiative.. they just nid to fix that

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