Google Now Offering Grow With Google OnAir Online Workshops For Free

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If you have never heard about the Grow With Google OnAir program grab your popcorn and a drink and let’s go for a little ride.

The initiative sees Google partnering with schools, libraries and other institutions (7000 at the time of writing) to provide workshops for people looking to get to grips with digital literacy.

With many not working right now – it’s as ideal a time as any to enrol for the courses. The website has courses for small businesses, job seekers and students, educators, developers, startups.


People who attend these workshops/sessions will be able to schedule one-on-one coaching after – and that has no cost attached to it as well.

More relevant to many people’s current context is the fact that Grow With Google also offers courses on remote working, teaching and learning.

It is important to note that workshops you can attend vary by location and at the time of writing the following seemed to be available;

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