It’s Not Just You, NetOne & TelOne Just Went Down


Multiple users of NetOne & TelOne reported that they faced network problems around 2PM today – with both service providers leaving users in the dark.

NetOne users couldn’t call or use the USSD to purchase airtime and other services. TelOne users had access to the internet disrupted briefly. The knowledge we have suggests the problems may have started around 2:55 PM.

It’s not clear just how many users were affected and for how long but it seems whatever the problem was it has been resolved now and service has been restored for both sets of customers.


What happened?

Sources say there was some kind of a power failure that affected NetOne. We are not sure if this is the same problem that affected Telone since we haven’t heard from them.

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7 thoughts on “It’s Not Just You, NetOne & TelOne Just Went Down

  1. We thought our wifi was finished! At one point, our devices could access the internet but the TelOne Self Service Portal was not loading.

  2. There was a power issue at the 2nd Street exchange, affecting aircons. A similar thing happened in December 2018,but that lasted a lot longer than this one.

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