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Nespresso Using Blockchain Tech In Tracking Origins Of Zim Coffee

3 years ago, Nespresso announced the Reviving Origins program with the goal of restoring coffee agriculture in regions affected by conflict, climate and political issues. Zim is one of the beneficiaries of this program and has been part of the initiative since its inception.

The blockchain platform traces the AAA Sustainable coffee from farms in Zimbabwe all the way through to the Nespresso production centre in Switzerland.

Users of the Ethereum blockchain platform will be able to zoom in on specific farms, where they can find a breakdown of the total coffee produced at farm level and the amount of high-quality coffee bought by Nespresso.

The platform (found here) tracks the following;

  • how much coffee has been produced;
  • the quality of the coffee;
  • the farm’s location;

Outside of using blockchain to track the origins of the coffee, Nespresso is also provides training in agronomy and processing to local farmers as part of the program.

The impact has been so positive, both in terms of quality and farmers’ standard of living, that the news spread quickly to surrounding areas of Chimanimani, Chipinge and Vumba. From this year on, we are pleased to provide them with training and technical support.

Not only is Nespresso using this personal touch to trace the roots of the Coffee’s origins but they are also capitalising on the opportunity and selling the coffee from these farms on their website under the Tamuka MuZimbabwe brand.

Apart from Zimbabwe, the blockchain platform is being used in Uganda and Colombia. Nespresso claims the program has resulted in over 400 farms enrolling as part of the initiative and there’s been a 7% increase in coffee production.

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3 thoughts on “Nespresso Using Blockchain Tech In Tracking Origins Of Zim Coffee

  1. Dear Sir,

    15 years ago, the ADC (Austrian Development Cooperation) assisted a certain Mr Nyachena, coffee farmer half-way down to Hauna, by giving him a solar powered coffee drier.

    Is he still growing coffee and is he in the Nespresso blockchain?

    Best regards
    Anton Schwarzlmuller

  2. As a tech piece, this article fails to explain or illustrate how the blockchain is working in this platform.. A reader cannot confidently confirm that it is indeed in use. Neither does it highlight why or if blockchain is the ideal solution versus potential alternatives.

  3. Do you also use this blockchain application or similar tools in your sustainable coffee program in Caquetá, Colombia?

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