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No, You Can’t Send Money From EcoCash To OneMoney – Here’s What’s Possible

A number of tweets have led people to believe they can now send money from an EcoCash account to a OneMoney account directly (i.e without the need for an agent).

The above tweet is an example of the euphoria around this issue but it’s important to note that this has always been possible. Moving money from EcoCash to OneMoney isn’t a new thing – and you’ll have to go cash the money out physically at an agent’s booth.

That’s why the message above says;

Please cash out from a OneMoney agent by using voucher code…


Fortunately though, changes are on the horizon. A Statutory Instrument effected towards the end of March is making it mandatory for mobile money services to become interoperable.

It shall be mandatory for every money transmission provider and mobile banking provider shall be connected to a national payment switch, as shall be directed by written notice by the Reserve Bank from time to time that enables interoperability of payments systems and services.

S.I 80 of 2020 Banking (Money Transmission, Mobile Banking and Mobile Money
Interoperability) Regulations

What does this mean in plain terms?

Put simply, an EcoCash user will be able to send money to someone using OneMoney and Telecash directly. Where you needed to cash out before, the balance will now just appear in your mobile money wallet the same way when someone on EcoCash sends money to another EcoCash user.

Anything else?

Another hack that was facilitated by EcoCash was to enable Telecel and NetOne subscribers to register for EcoCash – this has been possible since 2018, actually.

Speaking of hacks, if you want to buy your NetOne airtime using EcoCash you can do so by simply texting airtime to the Techzim WhatsApp Bot (+263717684274) or our Facebook page.

Quick NetOne, Econet, And Telecel Airtime Recharge

5 thoughts on “No, You Can’t Send Money From EcoCash To OneMoney – Here’s What’s Possible

    1. You just gave us incomplete information. You have to tell the author where he is wrong so he can update the article for the benefit of all.

  1. If you have an account with a bank (most are ecocash integrated) you can do a wallet-to-bank into your account from ecocash, and then a zipit out to either netone or telecel. Vice versa works too.

    Yes its a sh!ty workaround. But you can do it, without an agent.

  2. I am surprised that you did not mention the Steward Bank WhatsApp bot Sosholoza (is that because it competes with the Techzim bot?) It works just fine sending money from Ecocash To OneMoney and TeleCash. It’s basically a Zipit transfer, which also means that any transfer to OneMoney or TeleCash is then available both on the applicable wallets and debit cards immediately.

    1. We were actually excited when Sosholoza launched and we raved about it for example:

      Our WhatsApp bot was already operational when they launched.

      Sadly, Sosholoza is all but abandoned. Perhaps the business incentives could not allow anything that would relegate EcoCash to a mere wallet. It’s sad because such a solution will come anyway, the Cassava group had the opportunity to disrupt it themselves and they didn’t take it

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