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Sasai Now Supports Voice/Video Calling With Upto 20 People

Sasai has announced a new promotion that will enable users to participate in video calls with up to 19 other users.

The service has been branded Sasai TeamTalk and will be available between 8am and 5pm every Sunday until the end of the month.

Press material shared by Cassava takes a swipe at WhatsApp for supporting far fewer people for voice/video calling;

Sasai TeamTalk will offer free voice and video conference service, with secure end-to-end encryption, that connects up to 20 people on a single call, compared to telcos and most other social media platforms that offer between five and eight people on a conference call.

Cassava press release

Cassava believes TeamTalk is necessary because of the larger number of people working from home due to COVID-19 and Cassava’s CEO, Eddie Chibi wants churches to use the tool as well;

..for business, lockdown should not mean ‘shutdown’ and team meetings must still happen if productivity is to be maintained. For families, friends or churches, social distancing should not mean that they stop ‘seeing’ each other, talking to each other or having fellowship in cell groups because they can now use Sasai TeamTalk.

Whilst free calls are indeed an attractive proposition we will have to wait and see if the promotion will run smoothly. The last promotion Sasai offered ended a few days ago, but didn’t run as smoothly.

Subscribers got a message notifying them that they could access the application for free but that wasn’t the case and access was only enabled a few days after users had received that text.

It also turned out there were some terms and conditions associated with the promotion such as a data cap of 140MB.

Lastly, can Sasai deliver a good experience on a 10-20 user call if hundreds of other users are also making use of the same feature. These are all yet to be determined but we hope the promotion will be a success.

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