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Video: Zimbo YouTuber Nigel Tha Slick Pastor Shares Tips On How To Start A Channel & Get Paid

A few weeks ago, we complied a list with estimate revenue for local YouTubers. One of the YouTubers on the list was Nigel Tha Slick Pastor who is one of the most popular local YouTubers with 19 100+ subscribers and 100 videos.

Tha Slick Pastor uploaded a video on his channel earlier today giving tips to aspiring YouTubers. His video touched on how to setup an account, choosing the type of content for your channel, the thresholds you have to reach to start monetizing your content (aka getting paid) and how monetization works.

The video offers a lot depth with the YouTuber explaining the intricacies of YouTube monetization and how making money on the platform is very contextual and depends on factors such as how many people view your content, which region they are from etc.

The video is great and Tha Slick Pastor promised to make a second part of the video. I’m looking forward to this as getting these insights from someone making the videos locally offers more nuance than just googling “how does YouTube monetization” work.

Did Tha Slick Pastor reveal how much money he actually makes every month? Well, I’ll leave you to watch the video and see…

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