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WhatsApp Users Get Conference Calling With Facebook Messenger Rooms Integration

With COVID-19 seemingly here for the near future, conference calling tools have grown tenfold in popularity over the last few months.

Zoom seems to have been the biggest beneficiary but competitors like Skype and Facebook haven’t given up on the video calling hype – launching their own competitors.

Facebook has been pitching Messenger Rooms as a tool to catch up with family and friends rather than a work tool. This positioning is a bit strange because one would assume that’s something the tools we have on hand (e.g WhatsApp 8 person calls) do that just fine.

A number of WhatsApp beta users have started seeing a rooms button in the application. Rooms is accessible via “share” button.

Initiating the rooms call will take you outside of WhatsApp and to Facebook Messenger where you can add upto 49 other participants on the call.

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