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Coding Tutorials, But In Shona? Check Out This YouTube Channel

Free educational material is something we are excited about here at Techzim. Those who would have failed to access certain knowledge/skills because of a lack of funds can do so.

We are also doubly excited when that content is packaged in vernacular as is the case with Digital Hundred – a YouTube channel created by Percy Mudzinganyama.

The channel currently has coding tutorials in Shona. Right now the channel has 9 videos at the time of writing and takes users through a tutorial on how to create a social media network.

Digital Hundred was created to help solve the problem of youth unemployment in Zimbabwe by giving jobless youths a skill they can monetize and to show Zimbos that we can solve our own problems;

Another reason is that I want to try to create a movement where more people can appreciate the use of technology and create platforms that solve the problems that are being faced by Zimbabwe and Africa as a whole. We cannot wait for Western countries to create platforms that solve our own problems.

Percy Mudzinganyama – Content Creator

Percy hopes that the channel can help create a wave of Zimbos who can outsource their skills and help boost the economy.

The 9 part tutorial covers topics which include Basic HTML, HTML Structure, Lists, Working with text in HTML and more. The videos range between 7 to 15 minutes.

Some of you might be wondering why create a social network? Percy explained that creating a social network allows students to create other things since the concepts covered in that particular project cover most things programmers will need to know.

He also explained that a social network is a good place to start as it is something most people are naturally curious about and so would not bore them as they go through the tutorials.

Will more content be uploaded to Digital Hundred?

In our communication with Percy, he confirmed that subscribers should look forward to more content on the platform including tutorials on how to build desktop and mobile apps and even penetration testing.

These tutorials will be for everyone; you find that people pay for stuff like software installation, which doesn’t make sense. Also, if I don’t teach this stuff to general people they won’t appreciate platforms that are being built by our programmers here. They cannot appreciate it because of lack of knowledge about Internet and technology as a whole, hence the motivation to impart that knowledge.

Percy Mudzinganyama

We hope many find Digital Hundred helpful and Percy can continue imparting knowledge to those without money to pay and in a language that many will understand better.

Check out Digital Hundred’s YouTube channel

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