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How Do You Feel About Techzim? Please Help Us

Hey, we are doing a product development exercise and we need your help. We need you to go through the following list of contrasting attributes selecting where you feel Techzim lies between the two extremes.

The best way to fill this in is to quickly record the first thing that comes to mind. Don’t spend too much time thinking about any of the questions. Your spontaneous response generally conveys the most important impression.

Sometimes you may not be completely sure about your agreement with a
particular attribute or you may find that the attribute does not apply completely to Techzim. Nevertheless, please select a circle in every line.

Remember, there is no right or wrong answer. It’s really just your opinion (first impression especially) that we need. Have fun and thanks!

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12 thoughts on “How Do You Feel About Techzim? Please Help Us

  1. Your services are a delight to consume. Am so excited to use this platform. Keep on getting better until you are the best . Thank you.

  2. Tinashe, honestly ive been a techzim reader since day 1… and right now your articles are the ones i care to read and pay attention to. they are well thought and researched. your other guys who post stuff are amateurs, and become very defensive when people correct them in the comments. you need to reconsider the standard of your reporting “staff” as they are killing this website outright.

    1. Hi Smartaz

      I am sorry to hear of your disappointment. I am not surprised by it though. I am aware that we are nowhere close to where we need to be. We are changing things around though. I am confident that in the coming weeks you will start seeing us improve. This call for feedback is a big part of that process.

      Please be patient with us and hang in there a bit longer. I am quite sure you will be glad you did.

      Thank you for following us since day 1. We don’t take such loyalty for granted in any way

  3. So over the years I have learnt when asking pple to fill in questionairs dont make them long. I feel this one was long. A free write feedback is always the best response you can get. Anyways, I think the whatsapp groups were not so much a great idea, for me, I feel the messages are a bit too many outside of talking cutting edge technology. Techzim is quite good at keeping me abreast with local tech news. That is a plus. The marketplace, I wish more products were sold there.

  4. I used to be an avid reader of Techzim cldnt wait for the latest news on tech trends,information etc now Techzim is now more of Econet praise and worship site. You have shifted from tech to becoming a gossip tabloid. Your writers or your team who post articles seem to be armaturish in researching they don’t accept criticism well

    1. We will do better at accepting criticism. Please consider affording us the excitement you did at first, we are changing fast!

      Two points to make though:

      1. Sometimes when our team is engaging in the debate underneath the articles, it’s not really a failure to accept criticism. We actually encourage them to participate in the debate. The idea behind how we write is that our team should express their opinion as they write and they must be prepared to defend it. Not in an arrogant way but in the belief that debate makes us uncover more truth and insight.

      2. We are accused of always supporting Econet and always attacking Econet in equal measure. Perhaps this shows how much Econet is relevant to the local tech story and perhaps that Econet is a polarising entity itself

      Thanks much for your feedback. I hope to engage you in the future

  5. Tinashe is good and to be honest quite balanced… One criticism i have is on the whole Bitcoin fiasco….esp with golix….your really hyped them up(intentionally or not) and alot of people lost money… That’s why an impartial veiw is required in future. Econet is another….a clear disclaimer on interests would really help….I’ve a been a reader for a long time….but lately the articles need more work and alot are click bait….I used to used the pseudoname net14life and interested
    By the way the WhatsApp platform for airtime us really good

  6. so, heres the thing. ur articles are okay, the motivation of who to support when it comes to topics of competing companies is not my first concern because people can speculate but never know for sure what’s going on..

    my issue is with site design. for example, u have maybe 5 new articles a day, so why display 4 articles on the home page and make us load a whole new page that has only 1 new article and the rest are old articles which ends up wasting valuable data?

    plus the quality of ur websites graphics needs to be improved. like the techzim logo.. and general layout components

  7. I really enjoyed Techzim at first, during the course of time it has sort of lost direction for me. Really trying to understand what it is now, a tabloid, blog?. Maybe it’s me who’s on the wrong platform that is not what I’m looking for. My two cents suggestion is can you do ‘tech coverage’ news then have a separate Critique page for your criticism journalism style. It’s like the news where we get information as is, without opinion from the writer of the good and bad. If I’m interested in the good and bad then there should be a page for that. I think this ‘critique’ style of journalism has somewhat cost you audience, my experience being the excitement of a new technology from the heading or a Zim startup then everything gets spoiled by being told disadvantages/ premature launch etc. If Techzim can go back to being the BBC of Tech News for Zimbabwe, I would be an avid reader again.

  8. Where was this website all my life!!!! Useful relevant content much appriciated keep it up ^_^

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