Mukuru And Metro Peech Launch Grocery Service For Zimbos In SA To Send Groceries Home

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It would be an understatement to say that things have been difficult. Prices of basic goods and services have been on the up and it has been hard for everyone to keep up. That’s saying nothing of the availability of some basic goods.

In light of this Mukuru has launched “Mukuru Groceries“.

The service will give foreign national workers living in South Africa the ability to provide for their families back home with basic staples. Dateline – Mukuru, one of Africa’s leading remittance providers, has launched Mukuru Groceries – a service that will give South African based customers the ability to send groceries to their families and communities back home in Zimbabwe. Customers can place orders for a basket of groceries that include 21 staples such as Mealie Meal, cooking oil, sugar, salt, rice, etc. To facilitate ease of use, this service is available via USSD and WhatsApp. 

For existing customers, Mukuru Groceries will not require them to register for the service, they can simply create orders via USSD and WhatsApp,making it as easy and affordable to send groceries home via Mukuru as it is to send money. 


How does it work and where are the groceries collected from?

Mukuru customers will follow the same process on USSD and WhatsApp to create an order and pay at any Mukuru pay-in partner using a payment reference (similar to the cash order reference). The recipient will then receive an SMS with a voucher number to go and collect at any of the 19 Metro Peech and Browne Stores across Zimbabwe. Importantly, the goods will be ready for collection immediately after payment confirmation has been received.



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  1. Lethu

    Mukuru am so disappointed 😥 very expensive when sending money to Zim, charges more than when sending via saloon poor service in hilbrow the chasers are slow

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