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NetOne to Review Bundle Prices

NetOne has released a statement regarding a review of bundle prices:

The Econet, NetOne price hike domino effect strikes again. Econet sent out notices to its customers that it will be reviewing its Bundles and SMS prices. NetOne has followed suit. The last raft of price hikes came in May and this new announcement has been met with complaints.

The complaints range from signal strength in various areas to the ZWL$25.00 1 Gig an hour bundle.

This new price review makes it harder for individuals to access vital services. WhatsApp for instance has transformed into more than a messaging app and it is relied upon by most Zimbabweans. The price is creeping further and further away from what people can afford.

NetOne on the other hand is trying to close the canyon of a gap to Econet. More than that operational costs tally up.

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