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Sasai’s COVID-19 focused Health Status Report feature goes live

Cassava Fintech International has launched the SASAI Health Status Report (SHSR). SHSR is being pitched as a “secure blockchain technology-supported solution”.

According to the press material released on Health Status Report, the application which was announced by Strive Masiyiwa last month will enable users to record citizens’ COVID-19 status and enable them to share their testing results through a digital platform.

CFI Chief Executive Officer Darlington Mandivenga said he believed the Health Status Report would help individuals and communities at large get back control of their lives and kickstart productivity as people get tested and are able to safely get back to work, while still observing the recommended public health and safety protocols.

We are excited to be offering a solution that we believe will significantly move the needle in safely getting people to securely get tested, know their status and do the needful so that they get back to work and reclaim their normal lives.

The SASAI Health Status Report will, at the point of testing, capture a person’s COVID-19 health status which they can confidentially share, at the users discretion,  with those who need to know – such as one’s family members and their employers – in a manner that respects personal data privacy and using secure blockchain technology

The blockchain-based platform will allow for the secure storage of this information in a way that Sasai promises will not be hacked or altered. Due to the use of blockchain tech Sasai states that the application will be able to validate whether or not test kits used across the Report’s supply chain are counterfeit or fake.

We are working with reputable manufacturers and suppliers whose test kits we pre-load onto the platform ahead of any testing programme. Using the SHSR, we are betting on reducing the spread of COVID-19 by ensuring that only authentic test kits sourced from genuine medical suppliers are used, especially given the scourge of counterfeit or substandard health and medical products in some parts of Africa

Tapera Mushoriwa – Chief Operating Officer of SASAI

Where do you find the Health Status Report?

Sasai users can find the Health Status Report by opening their Sasai application and going to the explore section and then go through a short registration to activate the service.

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