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Slack Connect is looking to replace email

Slack has a new product called Slack Connect. The angle is to provide businesses and organisations with a secure and productive way to communicate. They are looking to replace email as the primary way in which organisations communicate.

“Designed to replace email, Slack Connect extends channel-based messaging to everyone you work with—inside and outside your organization”


Emails are slow, and there are security concerns with emails. Phishing, spear phishing, viruses, malware and spam are all a part of the conventional emailing system.

Stack Connect wants to provide organisations with an alternative and it works by:

  • Securely connect to external organizations
  • Work more quickly alongside customers, partners and vendors
  • Strengthen relationships with valuable external partners

They, at present, allow up to 20 organisations to communicate in channels which users can see instantly. The development of this product was also done in conjunction with consumers. Getting the necessary feedback to improve and tailor the service.

The product doesn’t only allow businesses to communicate. It’s for any organisation that wants to bring together all their core players under one communication platform. An example could be a venture capital group bringing together all the companies it has invested in. This not only keeps everyone in the loop but could lead to unexpected collaborations and problem solving.

Slack say they already have 41 000 customers using the platform. They have also integrated applications like Zoom, Google Drive, Adobe Creative Cloud and more. Slack is also working on integrating Google and Outlook calenders so businesses can know when another has an event, or just to know when to schedule meetings.

The idea itself seems simple enough but there are complications that come with different businesses communicating with one another. These problems are the different security protocols and the requirements for storing communication data. An example of how complicated this could be, is by looking at the communication of a government agency, a startup and a retailer.

Slack has had to rethink their strategy and allow companies and organisations to meet their specific standards while allowing quick communication. They have also retooled their interface to further highlight when communication is inside or outside an organisation.

It’s an interesting alternative to the conventional email and one with further development, I can see more companies at least trying out.

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