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Techzim bot now has educational content! Here’s how you can start learning on WhatsApp

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COVID-19 presented a special challenge for workers and learners. These two groups which a majority of the population fall into had to figure out how to continue learning/working without physically going to a place.

As expected the transition hasn’t been smooth, especially in Zimbabwe where the cost of our data and access to the resources that make for good remote learning and working are out of the reach of many students and workers.

With this in mind. we started working on an eLearning solution a few months ago and the goal with this was to provide something affordable and accessible. This automatically meant it had to be on WhatsApp and whilst it’s taken us longer than anticipated to start rolling out the content – it is finally here.


From yesterday, sending the message education to our WhatsApp bot (0717684274) gave users access to our eLearning material. At present, there is only one subject available – Maths for O’Level students.

For ZW$19.99 you’ll get access to 38 topics that make up the O’Level Mathematics syllabus. The content is delivered via a mix of notes and diagrams along with exercises to test students knowledge on the content they are learning.

Here’s what the content looks like;

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If anything goes wrong, chat with us using the chat feature at the bottom right of this screen

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Beast King
5 months ago

I think I’m gonna steal this idea. Thanks Techzim!

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    Tinashe Nyahasha
    5 months ago

    Hahaha, go ahead! Our pleasure to help…

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Silas Terry
5 months ago

Hi, can I have the link

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