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Telecel Now Offering Funda eLearning Bundles

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Mobile network operators have been scrumbling over each other to get their eLearning packages out the door and following Econet and NetOne’s announcements, Telecel was the remaining provider not offering a bundle but they’ve also righted their wrong.

Telecel’s eLearning package named Funda will not only offer students data but also talk-time making it the most unique of all the offerings currently available:

Price (ZW$)Data AllocationTalk timePrice/MB (ZW$)
$905GB100 minutes$0.180
$17010GB250 minutes$0.170
$33020GB500 minutes$0.165
$65040GB1000 minutes$0.162

How do students access these bundles?

Similar to Econet and NetOne, institutions will have to approach Telecel with a list of 30 students (minimum) and the packages are available to schools, colleges and universities.

Cheaper than the competition?

It’s important to keep in mind that NetOne and Econet are only offering data as part of their student bundles. Telecel also has talk-time which makes their offering the only choice in certain circumstances:

*NetOne doesn’t have a 10GB package offering 9GB instead

Telecel seems to be most attractive for institutions that also want to facilitate voice calls between students and lecturers/teachers. What I don’t understand is why they wouldn’t just add more data so that students and teachers can use tools like WhatsApp and Zoom for those calls as well.

Unless Telecel considers the talk-time to be a throwaway that wouldn’t have affected their data allocation anyway, it seems like a missed opportunity to even have more data available

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5 thoughts on “Telecel Now Offering Funda eLearning Bundles

  1. Even if they say its for free noone will use their bundles because their network is horrible and rubbish…. The students will fail because they will not be able to open anything with their non existent network… a snail’s pace is faster than their intenet

    1. Is that from experience or you just trashing? Telecel is super good, I use their home wifi, it’s amazing

  2. Telecel it doesnt respect its subscribers they just shut down network without communicating what make matters worse they dont even apologies its better to buy econet expensive data whilist getting quality network

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