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Trouble Buying Electricity Tokens? ZESA Prepaid System Down

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A number of people have been running into challenges trying to buy electricity tokens this morning and last night. It seems the challenge is on ZEDTCs part as Paynow have put up a notice on their website informing customers of the challenges

Increased errors from ZETDC

We’re currently receiving a greater than normal number of error responses from ZETDC, which may result in your purchase being flagged for our support staff to attend and can take up to 48 hours to resolve.

Please only proceed if you’re aware of this and are prepared for it.

Warning on the Paynow site

It seems the system isn’t entirely dysfunctional with some community group members saying they were able to purchase electricity tokens using EcoCash and OneMoney earlier today.

ZETDC hasn’t officially said anything through their social media channels which defeats the purpose of having these channels if you don’t then communicate challenges with consumers.

Update: Some comments from the community suggest this occurs pretty often on the 1st day of the month, when people buy electricity in their numbers due to a myth circulating that electricity is cheaper on the first day of the month. ZESA debunked the claims months ago but it seems consumers still believe it to be true.

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47 thoughts on “Trouble Buying Electricity Tokens? ZESA Prepaid System Down

  1. It’s easier for consumers to use the calendar month. People get paid at the of the month and it’s also easy to monitor.

  2. It is not a myth. Any top up during the month if you have exhausted the cheaper first 159kw costs upwards of 4bucks per kwh.

    1. It is a myth. It’s not about the first day of the month alright, buh the first purchase of the month. Some people just don’t listen buh it’s also not the case of getting ur power on the first day of the month thinkin its cheaper, ZESA is just clever enough to realise our demand and buying trends so by the end of the month we’d be getting power just to get us the beginning of the new month. Therefore they’re profiting more on that norm and trust me they’re.

  3. By now TechZim u should know that what puts pressure on the 1st of every month is the fact that most people would hv exhausted their 200units

    1. Thats true Taa, if your 200 units got finished on the 28th (as an example), you just buy very few units for lighting to push you through to 1 of the next month. Such on the 1st you all want to buy power because you have been using firewood. Period

      1. Yaah Techzim know this already – they just wanna keep insulting people as if they are the amazing educated ones. Makes them feel smarter I guess.

  4. Obviously zesa wants to jack up prices, but they are trying to figure out how to justify increase considering that government exchange rate has not gone up

  5. ZETDC this is Unacceptable to say the least , how can the electionic platform be down for so long at a time we all should be enforcing social distancing.. the ques at zesa today were shocking! Furthermore not even an update or apology to its valued consumers.

  6. I don’t think it’s entirely a myth as people exhaust the cheaper options around month-end and will all wait to buy cheaper units at the start of every month!

  7. Failure by these providers to provision resources for their servers it boils down to iops, cpu network load balancing.

    1. How customers does Zesa have which type of server do they use which can’t process tokens in mass.

  8. This happens at the begining of each month and I do not believe that their servers will be congested. Its a way of making people go to Zesa so that they get cash from walk in clients so what they simply do is turn off their serves or just unplug the network cable. This is not new to the IT world

    1. It’s congestion – you CAN buy ZESA easy of the first of the month if you wake up early enough. Ukamukira 5am it works perfect. By 8am it’s overloaded. It will keep happening until they increase the systems capacity. It’s not about cash coz you can swipe at all ZESA branches.

  9. I bought a token using ownai yesterday I haven’t received the token as yet. The ZETDC self help sight is not working. How do I do a reversal so I can try again

  10. Payed my zesa token using ecocash ny my money was deducted but still no token sended to me

  11. I have purchased but no token is delivered on my phone and check through ZETDC selfservice portal- still not reflecting. What do I do?

  12. I paid my zesa token on 01 August 2020 but I haven’t received anything as yet. Can you please assist me. My cell phone number is 0773913950.

  13. I have been trying to buy ZESA tokens but in vain. This has been submitted twice and am scared tht it might deduct twice if it updates. My ZESA metre number is 54120097685

  14. Good afternoon, paid my zesa token today , and have not yet received my token and any reversal, may you kindly assist, my cell number 0777328440, meter number 37125915928

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