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Tweet Your Voice, Twitter Testing Audio Tweets on iOS

Twitter over the years has been expanded the number of ways you can tweet. They have added images, videos, GIFs and doubled the amount of characters from 140 to 280.

Sometimes the written word can’t quite communicate exactly what you want to say. We all have our individual vocal nuances and sometimes punctuation isn’t enough, especially when trying to convey a message to a sometimes faceless audience. The other media is great but sometimes it takes time to scroll through for the right GIF reaction. Video as well is good but you’d have to stage and record something. A task easier for some than others.

Twitter yesterday announced that they will be testing voice tweets. In an effort to even further broaden what a user can do on the platform.

How does it work?

“Tweeting with your voice is not too different from Tweeting with text. To start, open the Tweet composer and tap the new icon with wavelengths. You’ll see your profile photo with the record button at the bottom – tap this to record your voice.”


The recording is limited to 140 secs, seems like Twitter were feeling a little nostalgic when they set that limit. I haven’t yet seen the feature on my iOS device but be on the look out. It will be interesting to see how often this is used and how its used. The Twitter wars that we were so accustomed to reading may now become shouting matches.

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