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As we are all too well aware the Coronavirus Pandemic has greatly disrupted how we all operate. More and more industries are employing everything at their disposal to make it so that products, services and events are delivered to stakeholders and consumers in the safest means possible. This year has been a down year for Conventions but through a litany of applications and platforms, these have become available to all those with an interest. Here are a list of virtual Tech events and conventions to look out for in the month of June.

WIT Connect 2020: June 8th – 12th 2020

Women Impact Tech is fantastic platform for women in the industry to network and collaborate. This years WIT Connect 2020 will have Seda Unak Calargun Twitter’s Engineering Manager. Jenn Lee Audible’s Director of Software Development, and Jean Case Chairperson National Geographic and CEO of The Case Foundation.

Liveworx 20: Virtual Event June 9th 2020

The Definitive Event for Digital Transformation

“Push forward with LiveWorx. A game-changing, complimentary virtual event for the industrial enterprise that helps technologists innovate at scale with the real goal in mind: transformation that helps drive outcomes.”

The virtual event keynote speakers include, Kimberly Bryant CEO and Founder of the non-profit Black Girls Code. Nir Eyal an entrepreneur and author of “Hooked: How To Build Habit Forming-Forming Products”. Jim Heppelmann the President and CEO of PTC a company providing Internet of Things and Augmented Reality services.

Running Remote: June 17th – 18th 2020

This follows RemoteAid which was held on the 20th of April. Running Remote wants to follow on the successes of Remote aid by

“Running Remote Online will be attended by renowned speakers and experts, all of whom are donating their time to deliver unparalleled content on building and scaling remote companies.”

Speakers include, Maren Kate Founder and CEO of Indie.co, Aaron Ross Co-CEO of PredictableRevenue, and Tim Minahan CMO of Citrix.

BlockDown 2020: June 18th – 19th 2020

BlockDown dubbed “The World’s No. 1 3D Virtual Blockchain Conference” (Also Available in 2D), the conference is tackling “Virtual Conference Fatigue” by giving attendants the option of a 3D networking experience.

Speakers include, Akon Musician and founder of Akoin, Roger Ver Executive Chairman of Bitcoin.com, and Loi Luu CEO of Kyber Network.

The experience will be streamed on

Bitcoin.com, Crypto Noticias, Cryptoslate and Cryptonews.

I am personally looking forward to Kimberly Bryant’s LiveWorx keynote speech, she has done a great deal introducing girls and women of colour into technology. Nir Eyal is someone I hadn’t heard of and I am keen to acquire his book as well as listen to his address. The BlockDown 2020 will hopefully give me a thorough education on the blockchain sphere. I’m eager to learn about a number of sectors of the industry I wasn’t aware of, the current trends as well as the projections of where the industry is going.


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  1. Nigel M Rodgers

    WordCamp Europe 2020 for WordPress. Look out for the virtual hallway video chatrooms.

    1. Valentine Muhamba

      Thank you.

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