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WhatsApp Testing 3 New Features, Logging In From Different Phones To Be Possible

The popular messaging platform is reportedly testing out 3 new features in beta updates for iOS and Android.

Multiple Logins

The one thing that we all know about WhatsApp is the headache of changing devices. The hassle of trying to back up all the chats and then download them on to a new device. This is even worse when it comes to crossing the great operating system divide.

In a report by Gadgets Africa the feature lets you log in to the same account on multiple devices. At the moment you can do this on your PC or Mac, but it seems as though it will be possible across different phones.

This will be very useful for business users of WhatsApp especially those who use it for customer support. Now, chats with customers will no longer be siloed on different user devices but all members of the same team can log in at the same time or different times using different devices and even in different corners of the globe.
@WABetaInfo Showing how it may look.

Search by date

The stress of searching for a message is one I’m sure we are all familiar with. The key word search is useful if the user knows what was said in a chat. Sometimes the message could have been sent on a particular day, and we spend what feels like an eternity scrolling through a chat. Search by date is set to make that a lot easier if one has a rough idea of when a message was sent or received. It, at the very least gives users another parameter to narrow down a message they are looking for.

Storage usage

This feature will allow a user to more clearly see how much media is stored in their device. At the moment it’s not readily accessible, one would have to go through the settings menu. The feature is reported to be more user-friendly.

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