WhatsApp web will soon have voice and video calls

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WhatsApp web is a handy tool for those who usually work from a computer and don’t want to take their phones out every time they receive a message. The only drawback has been that you can’t receive or make calls from WhatsApp web.

According to WABetaInfo, WhatsApp working on a call feature for the Web client app. They are also working on dark mode which would also be something that would improve the experience on the PC app. Dark mode is already available for the web browser version of WhatsApp. The call feature is also said to include group calls. WABetaInfo didn’t say when the update would be available but that its development was in progress.

WhatsApp has had a raft of features slated for upcoming updates. The most recent was said to be working on multiple logins from different devices. A feature that is sorely needed because of the gymnastics required every time a user has to change a device or just wants to access their account from another device.

WhatsApp has also been working on search by date and storage features. The search by date is going to be a helpful feature. One of those features that should have really been considered long ago.

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