ZERA releases new fuel prices

Following the Forex Auction giving Zimbabwe an Official Exchange rate of 1:57, ZERA has released fuel prices with effect from the 24th of June 2020.


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6 thoughts on “ZERA releases new fuel prices

  1. welcome to reality, we can’t continue living a fake life. subsidy at our expense and suffering of the masses

  2. How can they justify adding US1.10 for ethanol, it is the most expensive component, although we are constantly told that blending our petrol is to reduce cost!

  3. We can see those who skipped math lessons kkkkk.
    That $1.10 is price per litre of Ethanol. In one litre of E20 there is 200ml of Ethanol. So ethanol contribution in one litre of petrol is 20% (22 cents).

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