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ZOL announces price increase for the second time in 8 days!

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8 days ago ZOL, customers got an email to the effect that prices were increasing exponentially and if that wasn’t enough to get your blood pressure up ZOL certainly has another surprise for you. They’ve sent out another email with yet another price increment.

Yes, before you even got a chance to pay for your packages using last week’s pricing, ZOL is asking you to add more pennies to whatever it is you were budgeting.

The new prices are eye-watering and structured as follows;

Package NameData$
Fibroniks Zoom10GB (Pay As You Go)$630.94
Fibroniks Lite40GB (Pay As You Go)$1,663.39
Fibroniks Lite + Night Owl40GB (Pay As You Go) + 40GB (Night Owl)$2,007.54
Fibroniks Basic Essentials50GB (Pay As You Go)$2,236.97
Fibroniks Basic Essentials + Night Owl50GB (Pay As You Go) + 50GB (Night Owl)$2,695.84
Fibroniks Family Essentials100GB (Pay As You Go)$5,104.89
Fibroniks Family Essentials + Night Owl100GB (Pay As You Go) + 100GB (Night Owl)$6,022.62
Fibroniks Come Alive150GB (Pay As You Go)$5,735.83
Fibroniks Family EntertainmentUnlimited$8,546.39
Fibroniks Modern FamilyUnlimited$11,414.31
Fibroniks Power PackUnlimited$16,633.91
Fibroniks Turbo PackUnlimited$19,444.47
Wibroniks UnlimitedUnlimited$6,825.64
Wibroniks Nano OfficeUnlimited$7,169.79
Wibroniks Micro OfficeUnlimited$10,611.29
Wibroniks Small OfficeUnlimited$16,920.70
Fibroniks Micro OfficeUnlimited$10,037.71
Fibroniks Small OfficeUnlimited$15,773.54
Fibroniks OfficeUnlimited$28,392.37
Fibroniks Large OfficeUnlimited$41,584.78

Wibroniks residential users will now pay the following;

2GB15 days + 15 days rollover$172.07
3GB15 days + 15 days rollover$286.79
5GB15 days + 15 days rollover$573.58
10GB15 days + 15 days rollover$1,089.81
15GB30 days + 30 days rollover$1,089.81
20GB30 days + 30 days rollover$1,892.82
25GB30 days + 30 days rollover$1,892.82
60GB30 days + 30 days rollover$3,441.50

Talk about paying through the nose. ZOLs email to customers was accompanied by the following statement;

Dear Valued Customer,

Further to the email sent on 18/6/2020 regarding a price increase, please note that the communication is no longer valid. We have since further updated our prices and the new adjustment will take effect on the 3rd of July 2020. Whilst we strive to manage costs where possible, we have had to make the adjustment due to prevailing market forces.

ZOL email to customers

It seems the price increase might be motivated in part by the new interbank market rate established earlier this week which saw the ZW$ drop in value from 1:25 to 1:57 against the US$.

Will this result in an exodus? Well, of late ZOL and TelOne have both increased effected price increases during similar periods so I wouldn’t be too surprised if TelOne comes out announces an increment of their own in the next few days.

Will this result in ZOL customers getting a better experience – many WiBroniks users have been paying for a service that isn’t working as advertised so one would hope that these tariff shifts also translate to better service. Time will tell.

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7 thoughts on “ZOL announces price increase for the second time in 8 days!

  1. The tarrifs is effective 3rd of July meaning one has time to still buy with current prices, but of late ZOL have been a big dissappointment if not frustrating. Their network is one of the worst and cant be helped by their ineffective customer care department, they do not seem to care for their customers concerns, worsened by the fact that they carried an upgrade promising to improve services on the Wibroniks platform. You tend to think twice when trying to top up for a service that is never available and whose owners have no clue of what they will do.

  2. They are just greedy and taking advantage that they are the leading service provider at the moment. But if they follow along this path they will lose their community as people will obviously choose necessity over this ludicrousness anytime

  3. Anywhere in the world, this would not be tolerated. ZOL should be held accountable for many things, but false advertising is number 1. Unlimited is not Unlimited Zol!!!!!!
    Being a customer I have raised this point several times and it has fallen on deaf ears. As Welly said they do not have customer service, the only priority for ZOL is selling as many connections as possible and tough luck for the users who then deal with epic contention ratios and throttling.

    I sincerely hope this increase makes many subscribers leave Zol and they go bust. Sadly there is not much competition so that most probably will not happen, sadly, cause I can only describe my feedback and nothing short of hatred now. How can anyone sustain this especially when our kids are now having to rely on connectivity for schooling too?

    Roll on Dark Fibre African coming to the market, they cannot come any quicker!!!!!!!

  4. I love the way people scream about price increases, yet they are well aware that the economy is in hyper-inflation. When the bank rate went up, most businesses increased their prices, but one expects ZOL to maintain its pricing. How? ZOL is somehow supposed to hyper-inflation proof its customers…

    Deal with the root cause, ZOL is not going to do that for you.

    That said, pay for the service you can afford, it is not a MUST to have an “unlimited” package. If you cannot afford the top options, get the 10gig one. If you can’t afford that, then you have to look elsewhere.

    In *MY* experience, ZOL has the best customer care I have ever dealt with. And, you also cannot expect the same level of service whilst they are operating with a trimmed staff complement. I recently had to contact customer care and waited for more than an hour, but I do understand why.

    @Disgusted Alan: It is shameful for one to hate a person/organisation and hope for their downfall, meanwhile they also expect them to render them service. Find another ISP that makes you happy and your money worthwhile. And, in as much as you say ZOL is just concerned about selling connections, it think ZOL is the only ISP that connects you for free and charge ZWL for its equipment. Go to Telone and try and get connected modem is ~80 USD plus a connection fee.

  5. Vanhu vanoshandisa ZOL mafanofanana nevanhu vanishandisa Econet. Munorohwa pasi petsoka muchingochema everyday despite the poor service. There are better alternatives like Telone or even Netone (For those who use mobile data). Why do you continue to use a poor and expensive service?

  6. What would happen if we still have 50gb left on our Zol pay as you go. And wanted to buy a top up of 150Gb before the price increase. Would it add to make 200gb or it will loose the 50gb and start a new 30+30days @ 150gb?

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